Alex Belov (b. 1986) is a journalist and a photographer, currently resides in Yerevan, Armenia.

As a street photographer and as a documentarian, he focuses on researching man-made spaces and their social interpretation. Drawing from his own unique sensory experiences, he at the same time stays rooted in the works of renowned masters of art, photography, and cinema. In his works, the sensual interpretation and pursuit of Bergman’s “experience of collective dreams” takes over the authenticity of documental evidence of the moment.

Alex is a member of the International Federation of Artists (IFA), as well as Metropolis, League of Culture and Art Workers. He holds multiple international art awards including the Metropolis silver medal. Many of his works have received international acclaim and are pursued by art collectors.

In addition to his passion for photography, Alex is a professional graphic designer and tutor of the British Higher School of Art and Design, occasionally involved in the cinema industry.


2006 — Annual exhibition of IFA Unesco, Moscow, Gogolevskiy Boulevard (membership)
2006 — «Moscow 2006» («Москва 2006»), Solyanka Gallery (membership)
2007 — «Mirror view» («Зеркальный взгляд») (membership)
2015 — «REM sleep» («Фаза быстрого сна»), Time-cafe Zero KM (personal)
2015 — «Time and imagery» («Время и образы»), Central House of Journalists (membership)
2016 — «Co-creation» («Сотворчество»), Tushino Exhibition Hall (membership)
2017 — «Portrait. Identification of the person.» («Портрет. Выяснение личности.»), State Museum of A.S. Pushkin, Exhibition halls (membership)
2017 — «Point of view» («Точка зрения»), Red October Gallery (membership)

2021 — Trieste Photo Fringe 2021, Italy (membership)


2006 — «Moscow-2006»
2007 — «Metropolis» almanac
2008 — «Metropolis» almanac
2010 — «Ars Longa»
2012 — «Golden Cut»
2016 — «Best of Metropolis 2014-2016»
2021 — «Young Russian Photographers 2021» catalogue


2013 — Eyes on Asia, shortlist
2015 — Metropolis, silver medal (Portrait)

2021 — Urban Photo Awards, long list
2021 — Young Russian Photographers 2021, finalist

2022 — 35Awards, shortlist